becky warnock

How’s the Weather in your Head? 

Becky Warnock + the OOST Collective.

‘How’s the Weather in your Head?’ is an attempt by a group of diverse young people from across East London to visualise how feelings exist and manifest in the body. Connected by shared struggles with their mental health, the group explored photography as a way to understand and articulate their emotions. Through a process of play, the work builds a visual language of mental health, for when words don’t fit.

This work was made as part of 2.8 Million Minds, led by artist the vacuum cleaner - which created a manifesto for mental health care for young people across London. The project findings were shared with the GLA and presented at the Houses of Parliament - the work is ongoing. Details here

2.8 Million Minds is a collaboration between Bernie Grant Arts Centre, Chisenhale Gallery and the vacuum cleaner. 

This work was made by:

Alfie / Amina / Aniqa / Anna / Becky / Bobby / D / Emma / Jummy / Maiya / Masumi / Naomi / Nurul / Sanjay / Seth

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