becky warnock

Made during the COVID 19 UK lockdown, exploring the limitations of language when discussing mental health, we used image making a way to connect with ourselves, our loved ones and our local community.

In collaboration with the Heston and Cranford Local Advisory Group, commissioned by Creative People and Places and funded by Arts Council England and London Borough of Hounslow. 

Download the project resource here.

Video Credit - Shakyrah Lodge

Two leafy bushes grow to touch each other

Image Credit - Sally

A reflection of trees in a window framed by fencing

Image Credit - Loren Eley

A white metal bench sits on a beach while a small child plays off camera

Image Credit - AMJK

A shadow of a figure in a large jacket points to the left of the image on a wooded path

Image Credit - Paul Franklin

A leaf sits on a glass table on a tiled floor
Black and white refection in water of a fence and walk way

Image Credit - Margaret R Smith

A fence with a central area bleached

Image Credit - Becky Warnock

A sculpture of eyes hangs from an arched gate in front of a town house

Image Credit - Mary A La Mode

Condensation on a window with drips of water running down

Image Credit - Aseea Mahmood

A cynotype made from hand made lace

Image Credit - Beatriz Pullin

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